Explaining First Pours

Explaining First Pours
So I've been getting this question a lot lately.

What is first pour? What's the difference between that and regular?

Here is the way I use this term when selling my molds.

First pour is what we call the first mold poured into the blank. You guys use molds to pour your resin into. We use blanks to pour the silicone into. This being the first time the blank is being used, leaves room for the silicone to pick up dust from the laser, or missed paper bits from being peeled, basically any minor flaws that could show up in your piece which would then require doming. It is essentially one in the same as b grade, but usually first pour flaws do not include hole spacers not being formed in keychains and earrings and such. First pour = minor flaws.

What is b grade?

B grade is a flawed mold that could affect your piece. This means dust, paper, finger prints, hole spacer not formed, bubbles, basically anything that will affect the piece poured into it. Those are also discounted.

Regular means there are no flaws, it is not the first pour, and is perfect.

Why do we still sell these?

Most people dome their pieces regardless and who doesn't love a discount?

Hope this answers that ☺️
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