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Voodoo Dolls Keychain Mold

Voodoo Dolls Keychain Mold

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Introducing our Voodoo Dolls Keychain Silicone Mold, the perfect accessory for those looking to add some unique flair to their keychains or bags! Made from high-quality silicone, this mold is durable, flexible, and easy to use.


Create your own voodoo doll keychains with ease by pouring your desired material, such as resin or clay, into the mold and allowing it to set. Once set, simply remove the finished product and attach a keychain ring to the top for a personalized touch.


The intricate details of the mold allow for stunningly realistic voodoo dolls with a variety of designs and expressions. Use different colors and finishes to customize each keychain to your liking, making them truly one-of-a-kind.


Not only is this mold perfect for creating unique and personalized keychains, but it can also be used for various crafting projects. Use the mold to create miniature voodoo dolls to use in decorations, jewelry, or even as toys.


Overall, our Voodoo Dolls Keychain Silicone Mold is a versatile and fun addition to any crafting arsenal. Order yours today and start creating your own personalized voodoo doll ke ychains!

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